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BT Sport - Sport in Focus with Getty Photographer Alex Livesey

Getty Images Sport Photographer Alex Livesey talks to BT Sport about his favourite 5 sports photographs and the story behind them, as well as tells us the photograph he wish he’d taken

Watch the video here

This week’s selection of Sports Images of the week


Ice Hockey: Preparing for Sochi

Our task as photojournalists is to capture the moments that define the Olympic experience as well as to document each step along the way with images that depict every rung on the path to Olympic gold. Along the way we’ll shoot a heavy heaping of hard hits, celebration and dejection, close-ups of faces exhibiting determination and focus, and a varied group of images depicting the fan experience. In essence, our goal is to capture a visual history in still photography that tells the whole story.

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@claudiovillaphotographer is on hand for #SerieA action featuring #Sampdoria and #Catania. #soccer #sportsphotography #photography #behindthescenes #stadium #luigiferraris @seriea_tim #serieATIM


Adelaide Oval via @ryanpierse #ashes #ausveng #returntheurn #cricket #sportsphotography #photography #photographer #sky #stadium #behindthescenes @cricketaus


InFocus: Laurence Griffiths: My most iconic image

“What’s the best picture you’ve ever taken?”

It’s definitely the question photographers get asked the most and it’s by far the toughest one to answer.

Does it have to be taken at a big global sport event? A crunching action picture? Or a lovely pretty picture taken as the sun sets?

It’s all too easy to get emotionally attached to your favourite images. You always prefer your more recent efforts as they are fresh in the mind.

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InFocus: Editor’s Picks Global Sports

Nikolas Charalampous (black trunks) lands a punch to the face of Chong Lee during an undercard bout before the bout between David Tua and Alexander Ustinov at Claudelands Arena on November 16, 2013 in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Photo by Simon Watts/Getty Images


Photographer @michaelregan was on hand at #Wembley Stadium to take in #England v #Germany. #fifa #soccer #football #sportsphotography #behindthescenes


InFocus: Shooting the ATP World Tour Finals

Getty Images Sports Photographers capture thousands of events each year. However even the most experienced face challenges shooting in some of the world’s biggest arenas.

Blue hues, dry ice and low lighting all make the ATP World Finals difficult to capture. Read how Getty Images photographers meet the challenge…

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