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Storms cause travel chaos in the UK The Met Office has issued a number of severe weather warnings for heavy rain and high winds and is warning that it may lead to some travel disruption as people make their journeys for Christmas.
Top photo: Office workers, in fancy dress celebrating Christmas, battle against the rain and gale force winds on Blackpool promenade on December 23, 2013 in Blackpool, United Kingdom.(Photo by Chris Furlong)
Bottom photo : Storm waves break on the sea wall behind buildings on the Cobb on December 23, 2013 in Lyme Regis, England.
(Photo by Matt Cardy)

Britain’s only Reindeer herd prepare for Christmas
Eve Grayson, a Reindeer herder of the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, feeds the deer on December 23, 2013 in Aviemore, Scotland. Reindeer were introduced to Scotland in 1952 by Swedish Sami reindeer herder, Mikel Utsi. Starting with just a few reindeer, the herd has now grown in numbers over the years and is currently at about 130 by controlling the breeding. The herd rages on 2,500 hectares of hill ground between 450 and 1,309 meters and stay above the tree line all year round regardless of the weather conditions. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Penguins dressed as Christmas trees, Santa on the beach and more festive photos to enjoy
(Photos by Chung Sung-Jun)

Christmas Comes To Storm-Damaged New York Coast

Edward ‘Roaddawg’ Manley, a volunteer and honory firefighter with the Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department, places a star on top of a Christmas Tree December 25, 2012 in the Breezy Point neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Residents are still struggling to recover from a massive fire that destroyed over 100 homes during Superstorm Sandy.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Barcelona Traditional Christmas Swimming Cup

Competitors jump into the sea during the 103rd Barcelona Traditional Christmas Swimming Cup at the Old Harbour of Barcelona on December 25, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Copa Nadal is organised by the Barcelona Swimming Club and involves competitors swimming across some 200 metres of water in the harbour. Launched in 1908 the event has only been suspended three times when the Spanish Civil War interrupted proceedings between 1936 and 1938.

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images


Santa is on his way by ZoneCreative.

(via peergettyimages-deactivated2014)

Visitors Enjoy The Winterland Christmas Themepark

Shoppers purchase sweets from a stall at the ‘Winter Wonderland’ attraction in Hyde Park on December 17, 2012 in London, England.

The temporary, festive theme park runs for over six weeks around Christmas and features an ice rink, several large rides and numerous food and gift stalls. Over two million people visited the attraction last year which runs until January 6, 2013 this Winter.

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Taronga Zoo Animals Recieve Christmas Gifts

A Sun Bear receives a Christmas treat at Taronga Zoo on December 14, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.

Taronga Zoo celebrated Christmas early giving Christmas-themed environmental activities to the zoo’s Giraffes, Sun Bears, Meerkats, Aldabra Tortoise and Cockatoos providing a wonderful natural display for zoo visitors.

Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Darkness To Light Advent Procession Starts Salisbury Cathedral’s Christmas Season

In this combination of two images the interior of Salisbury Cathedral is illuminated by trails of candles carried by choristers during the annual ‘darkness to light’ advent procession on December 1, 2012 in Salisbury, England.

The service - which begins with the medieval cathedral in total darkness and silence before the Advent Candle is lit at the West End - is one of the most popular services of the liturgical year. The annual advent service, which takes place over three nights and is seen by several thousand people, is a mix of music and readings during which two great candlelit processions move around the different spaces in the 750-year-old building which, by the end, is illuminated by almost 1300 candles and is a spectacular start to the Christmas season.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

How many people does it take to put up the Downing Street Christmas tree?

A Christmas Tree is moved into position on Downing Street on November 30, 2012 in London, England.

The tree was grown by Mike Craig on his farm in Dumfries, Scotland.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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