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1 year ago
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Yesterday’s news of a deadly building collapse near Dhaka, Bangladesh, comes five months after a horrific fire at similar facility, which also housed factories making clothing for European and American consumers. The earlier incident, in which over 100 people died in a blaze at Tazreen Fashions Limited, inspired photographer Abir Abdullah to document the dangerous working conditions in Bangladesh’s garment industry. In March, his project, “The Deadly Cost of Cheap Clothing,”was awarded the Alexia Foundation professional grant to help him continue this work.

Read more about Abir’s project on the Alexia Foundation’s Web site.

CAPTION: More than 100 people were killed after a devastating fire took place at Tazreen Fashions Limited garment factory at Nischintapur, in Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, late on Nov. 24, 2012. (Photo by Abir Abdullah/Courtesy of the Alexia Foundation)

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